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Planning Consultations

108, 2017

Borough Local Plan Update

Borough Local Plan Update As notified at our Public Meeting in August RBWM extended the deadline for responding to the Regulation 19 version of the Borough Local Plan (the “Plan”) to 5.00pm on Wednesday 27 September 2017. IT IS VITAL THAT YOU MAKE YOUR VIEWS KNOWN ONCE AGAIN We will post [...]

501, 2017

OGFRA Complaint: Borough Local Plan Consultation

BOROUGH LOCAL PLAN CONSULTATION 2016 FORMAL COMPLAINT BY THE OAKLEY GREEN & FIFIELD RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION  The Oakley Green and Fifield Residents Association (OGFRA) wish to register their dissatisfaction with the Borough Local Plan (BLP) Consultation which ran from 02 December 2016 to 13 January 2017, both in terms of ‘process’; [...]