Press Release: Garden Centre to be Replaced by Houses?


Do the garden centres in your area matter to you? Would you mind if they were replaced by houses or apartments?

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is seeking residents’ views as part of a consultation exercise on a number of sites that have been suggested to be suitable for development. Three sites have been identified in the Parish of Bray. These are:

• Garden Centre ( Wyevale), Dedworth Road, Windsor ( Ref GB5) 1.27ha

• Squires Garden Centre, Maidenhead Road ( Ref GB14) 0.74ha.

• Land at Water Oakley Farm, Windsor Road ( Ref GB6) 9.04ha

At two public meetings held on 8th and 11th December, organised jointly by The Oakley Green & Fifield Residents Association (OGFRA) and the Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association (OGAFCA), there was considerable dissatisfaction because the three sites are all in a very small area of the Parish – all are all in close proximity at the Eastern side of the Parish and all are in the Green Belt. Upwards of 150 people attended the meetings.

As regards the Water Oakley site, 80% said “yes” to some development. It was agreed that the site (close to the former Bray studios) is unsightly and that appropriate development could be an improvement provided it was within certain agreed limits and behind a 150 metre band of green space close to the A308 to preserve the open nature of the site.

However there was serious opposition to development of the Wyevale and Squires sites – 98% were against development in each case, as not only are the two sites in the Green Belt and therefore subject to Green Belt rules, but the garden centres were felt to provide considerable benefit to the community as they stand.

If it matters to you as to whether the sites are developed, it is very important that you, either as a resident or as a user of the garden centres, make your views known by filling in the consultation forms on the Borough’s website and returning comments (either on line or by post) before the closing date of Friday 11 January 2013 – otherwise you may find some very unwelcome development on your doorstep!

The Borough website is www.rbwm.gov.uk/web/pp borough local plan.htm

You can contact The Oakley Green & Fifield Residents Association (OGFRA) using the contact form here if you need further information or a copy of the consultation response form.