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General Information

709, 2021

OGFRA response to Bray Studios Redevelopment – CLICK HERE

  21/02245/FULL | Redevelopment to create new film and TV studios, incorporating demolition, retention of 2no. existing sound stages, rehearsal building, backlot and ancillary offices on a permanent basis, construction of further new production facilities including sound stages, workshops, ancillary offices and other production facilities, use of Waterford House and Steading [...]

609, 2021

RBLP (2013-2033) Submission from OGFRA -CLICK HERE

Introduction This submission is made by the Oakley Green & Fifield Residents Association (“OGFRA”). It follows previous submissions at all stages of the Borough Local Plan Consultations and participation in the Examination. OGFRA is also one of the 12 organisations (previously 13 organisations before SportsAble had to close) who have combined [...]

309, 2021

BLP Main Modifications Consultation – CLICK HERE

Main Modifications Consultation It is some time since our last Update which looked at progress with the Examination of the Borough Local Plan and next steps. The Borough is currently consulting on the final proposed changes (‘Main Modifications’) to the BLP considered necessary to make the Plan sound and capable of [...]

2003, 2020

Coronavirus and planned Public Meeting (Click Here)

Following Monday’s UK Government announcement regarding Coronavirus; we are postponing the Public Meeting, planned for 31st March, where noted campaigner Richard Knox-Johnston was going to speak on ‘A positive vision for saving our Green Belt’. We hope to reschedule at a later date, and will let you know in due course. [...]

3101, 2020

Update on BLP, Garden Centres and roads (click here for info)

Borough Local Plan There is not a great deal to report since the latest Consultation on Proposed Changes to the Borough Local Plan Submission Version (‘BLPSV-PC’) closed in December, and RBWM is still reviewing all the representations made. OGFRA argued that the Borough Local Plan had not been made sound by [...]

812, 2019

BLP – your comments are vital! (click here for infomation)

Guidance Notes for objecting to Borough Local Plan (2013-2033) Submission Version incorporating Proposed Changes, October 2019 (BLPSV-PC) Closing date for submitting comments is midnight Sunday 15 December 2019 Introduction Further to the Regulation 19/20 consultation on the Borough Local Plan Submission Version in 2017, RBWM launched a Consultation on ‘Proposed Changes’ [...]

1110, 2019

Update: Squires Garden Centre development and BLP (CLICK HERE)

This Update provides further information on the revised plans for the Squires Garden Centre site, together with the current status of the Borough Local Plan.   Squires Garden Centre As advised in our last Update in July, Bewley Homes and Square Bay (No 5) LLP had submitted revised plans for the [...]

2507, 2019

Guidance notes for objecting to building 37 dwellings at Squires (CLICK HERE)

19/01755/FULL  | Erection of 37 dwellings including the re-location of existing access along Maidenhead Road with associated parking, internal circulation, public open space, landscaping and related infrastructure  | Squires Garden Centre Maidenhead Road Windsor SL4 5UB The planning application can be viewed here: http://publicaccess.rbwm.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=PTQRYRNIIVD00 OGFRA is objecting to application 19/01755/FULL for [...]

1907, 2019

Update on Squires, BLP and Bray Quarry (CLICK HERE)

This Update provides information on revised plans for the Squires Garden Centre site, the current status of the Borough Local Plan and a consultation on sand and gravel extraction at the Bray Quarry Extension site. Squires Garden Centre The Planning Application submitted by Bewley Homes and Square Bay (No 5) LLP [...]

305, 2019

Councillor Contact List

Councillor Contact List 2019 Bray Leo Walters Little Tudor The Green Ascot Road Holyport, SL6 2JA 01628 627967 cllr.walters@rbwm.gov.uk David Coppinger Titch Cottage Bartletts Lane Holyport SL6 2NB 07866 493272 / 07766 526081 cllr.coppinger@rbwm.gov.uk Clewer & Dedworth [...]