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Annual General Meeting Minutes

106, 2016

AGM Minutes: June 2016

MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD ON THURSDAY 9 JUNE 2016 7.30 PM BRAYWOOD MEMORIAL HALL   INTRODUCTION Chairman Rod Ball opened the meeting and welcomed approximately 38 attendees.   APOLOGIES Martin Allen, Nigel Borg Cardona   MINUTES OF THE LAST AGM There was a question from the last meeting about [...]

106, 2015

AGM Minutes: June 2015

Oakley Green, Fifield Residents Association AGM   Held at Fifield Memorial Hall On the 28th May 2015   Committee Members Present:   Rod Ball ( Chairman ) Martin Hall ( Treasurer ) Pat Morrish Elizabeth Mead Paul Jennings Ann Taylor Martin Allen   Apologies:   David Coppinger, Mark Lloyd, Nigel Borg-Cardona and [...]

106, 2014

AGM Minutes: June 2014

OAKLEY GREEN & FIFIELD RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING   BRAYWOOD MEMORIAL HALL, FRIDAY 6 JUNE 2014 8.00PM    MINUTES OF THE MEETING The Chairman Rod Ball, welcomed the 50 attendees and introduced the current Committee Members to the Meeting.   Apologies, Minutes of the last AGM and Matters Arising Apologies  -  [...]