Update: Squires Garden Centre development and BLP (CLICK HERE)

//Update: Squires Garden Centre development and BLP (CLICK HERE)

Update: Squires Garden Centre development and BLP (CLICK HERE)

This Update provides further information on the revised plans for the Squires Garden Centre site, together with the current status of the Borough Local Plan.


Squires Garden Centre

As advised in our last Update in July, Bewley Homes and Square Bay (No 5) LLP had submitted revised plans for the development of the Squires Garden Centre site. The revised plans included a reduction from 39 to 37 dwellings with minor changes to layout/building design, and a single access point on the old Maidenhead Road. The Applicant considered that the revised application ‘addresses the issues raised through the original consultation’ – but it fails to achieve this and there remains strong local opposition.

Since submission of the revised plans additional documents have been uploaded to the Borough website – these can be found by searching for Application No. 19/01755/FULL under ‘Planning’ at www3.rbwm.gov.uk. These cover points of detail on issues such as flood risk, transport, site layout – but do not alter our objections to this Application.

The deadline for public responses to the revised plans was 2 August 2019, but in view of the additional information submitted the Borough has set a further Neighbourhood Consultation period ending on 15 October 2019. If you responded back in July/August we suggest you respond again advising that your views have not changed (e-mail planning@rbwm.gov.uk).

The next stage in the planning process will be for the Application to be considered by the Windsor Area Development Management Panel, currently scheduled for 6 November 2019. The Panel meets at York House in Windsor and members of the public are welcome to attend. We will send a reminder nearer the time.

Borough Local Plan

RBWM responded to the Inspector on 26 July setting out a review of progress on the Borough Local Plan during the ‘pause period’ (the period since the Stage 1 Hearings into the submitted Borough Local Plan held in June 2018). The Inspector had asked RBWM – for the second time – whether continuing with the examination of the submitted Plan was the most prudent course of action.

In its response RBWM sets out its intention to continue with the Plan. A report will be submitted to the Full Council on 23 October 2019 setting out ‘proposed changes’ to the Plan, and if these are approved the Council would then consult for 6 weeks in November through to mid-December 2019. Changes include a review of site allocations.

The ‘proposed changes’ consultation would be similar to the Regulation 19 consultation, allowing interested persons to make representations on the proposed changes to the Plan. The Borough would consider the responses received and make a submission of proposed changes to the Inspector (earliest January 2020). If the Inspector is minded to take these changes forward (and following Stage 2 Hearings) the Inspector could recommend Main Modifications to the Plan, to make the Plan sound and legally compliant. Further public consultation would be required on any Main Modifications.

At the time of writing it is understood that the Inspector recently responded to RBWM’s letter of 26 July, but the Borough is seeking to clarify certain points and has not published the Inspector’s letter yet. The Inspector may support the above course of action or may take a different review. Documents relating to the Borough Local Plan Examination can be found at www3.rbwm.gov.uk/info/201026/borough_local_plan/1350/examination. We will keep you advised of progress and alert you to any public consultations.


11 October 2019

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