Guidance Notes for objecting to Bewley Homes application at Squires Garden Centre (CLICK HERE)

//Guidance Notes for objecting to Bewley Homes application at Squires Garden Centre (CLICK HERE)

Guidance Notes for objecting to Bewley Homes application at Squires Garden Centre (CLICK HERE)

18/03754/FULL | Erection of 39 dwellings, creation of new access off Maidenhead Road and provision of parking, internal circulation, public open space, landscaping and related infrastructure | Squires Garden Centre Maidenhead Road Windsor SL4 5UB

The planning application can be viewed here:

OGFRA is objecting to application 18/03754/FULL for 39 dwellings. The objection is in principle to the scheme, and follows objections and on-going involvement with the RBWM Local Plan which seeks to allocate land for 450 houses on Green Belt land west of Windsor, north and south of the A308 (site HA11).

This scheme may only be a small part of that large housing development, but if successful it sets the tone for the rest of the site. It will set a dangerous precedent and sends the wrong signals about development in this area. It is OGFRA’s view that no application should be considered until the local community has had the proper chance to persuade the Council and the Independent Examiner overseeing the Local Plan Examination that no housing should be built here.

The application is therefore premature, and relies on an emerging policy which has no material weight in assessing an application here at present.

The OGFRA objection covers the following policy and other considerations:

Conflict with NPPF Green Belt Policies: these are national governmentpolicies which determine what can and cannot be built in the Green Belt. The proposal is contrary to national policy.


Prematurity and pre-emptive of BLP Examination: The Local Plan allocates HA11 for housing and other uses. It is too early to rely on this policy. OGFRA and others remain steadfastly opposed to any development here, and has objected. These objections have not yet been resolved, and the case is being made that the allocation should be removed.


Design: Notwithstanding the above objections, the scheme is poorlydesigned. It is too dense and there is inadequate parking, open space, and no consideration of surrounding character. Even if improvements are made, this would not overcome OGFRA’s fundamental objections to the development on Green Belt land.


Flooding: OGFRA is aware that the land is liable to flood. We have raisedthis, but it seems that the Environment Agency does not share our concerns. If you have local evidence of flooding here, which could be worsened by development, please raise this as an objection (and include any photographs you might have which shows flooding in the garden centre or in the surrounding area).


Air Quality, Transport and A308: increase in vehicle use particularly atpeak times – and impact on roads is also unacceptable. Air quality along A308 is already above European air quality pollution limits. RBWM is currently commissioning a survey on the A308, and given the totality of existing and potential development along the A308 ‘corridor’ no development should be considered until this survey is completed.


Loss of community / commercial use: As a valuable community asset,and employment use, RBWM should be seeking evidence on the viability of the use continuing. It has been suggested that the garden centre was on too small a site to sustain its long-term success. That does not mean that other, similar uses, with different business models could not successfully operate here.

The closing date for submitting comments is 31 January 2019.

It is really important that local residents make their views known. You can base your objection on OGFRA’s or write your own.

You can send your comments by email, online or by post as follows:

By email:

On line: please go to: a planningapplication

By post: Customer Service Centre, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1RF.


You may also wish to let your Parish and Borough councillors know your views.

23 January 2019

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