The application for 39 units to be built on the site was posted on 24Dec! Click on title above and then then Application can be found here.

OGFRA have a number of concerns with the planning application submitted by Bewley Homes and Square Bay (No 5) LLP for the development of the Squires Garden Centre site and are in the process of completing our review of the application. We appreciate that there is a lot for those interested to review. We will provide some ‘Guidance Notes’ to assist residents in formulating their responses to this application during the course of next week (deadline for responses is currently 31 January 2019).

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  1. Melanie Chaplin 18th January 2019 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    I disagree with this development! It will cause alot of interference to our life’s and other people’s in the area!

    There will noise from large vehicles causing dust and pollution for at least a year possibly!

    I have to go to work full time, and will not be able to join the Maidenhead road as there will be so much traffic!

    This is unacceptable! We currently love this quiet area! It will not be the same! We have a lot of wildlife around here, and we respect our green belt area!

  2. Mrs S Rallis 19th January 2019 at 12:16 pm - Reply

    I moved to Willows Riverside Park 2 years ago, Squires garden centre, café, gift shop was a lovely thing to have on my doorstep. Now it has gone to be replaced with a development that is unacceptable. Exiting onto the Maidenhead Rd now is not easy, imagine what it will be like with all the new development which will have to exit onto the old Maidenhead Rd just yards from the entrance to the Park, housing over 200 elderly people. This development will not be affordable housing either, much more ‘upmarket prices’, so the chances will be 2 or more cars per unit, adding to the congestion. Wyevale is also going, how do we get out for a coffee/tea, meal or garden plants etc. nowhere near. The dust, dirt, pollution etc while they are building these flats will cause me no end of problems as my park home is parallel to the old Maidenhead Rd, it is bad enough now with all the big lorries and tankers using this road to go to the Marina, what happens when the rest of the development is under way and done, more chaos.

  3. Keith Hughes 21st January 2019 at 2:03 pm - Reply

    As Secretary of the Willows Riverside Home Park Residents Association I have to object the the planned development of the former Squires Garden Centre site on the following grounds.
    1. The 2 entrances to this developement during construction and upon completion will be from the Maidenhead Road opposite the entrance to the Willows. The amount of commercial traffic entering the site during the construction will put residents in serrious danger given that the majority of us are elderly.and not able to move quickly in times of risk.
    2. There are 202 homes on the Willows the great majority of the owners having at least 1 motor car. All of which are in use every day of rhe week to convey the elderly owners to the nearest shopping centre. This volume of traffic finds it difficult to access the roundabout at the junction of the A308,Ruddles Way and the Maidenhead Road. Given the constant flow of traffic between the Maidenhead Road and the A308.
    3. A reasonable number of residents of the Willows need to use the bus service that transports them to the local shopping area or to Windsor and Maidenhead. In order to board the bus residents need to cross the Maidenhead Road outside the Willows and the A308 at the Roundabout mentioned previously.Traffic approaching the Roundabout is legally allowed to travel at the national speed limit for an A Road until it reaches the roundabout where it should slow to 40 MPH. Therefore it is allowed to travel through the junction at 40 mph quite legally. Elderly persons crossing this junction are at risk at worst of being killed or seriously injured. At best verbally abused by drivers which happens regularly.
    4. The Willows is a private mobile home park and residents fear we will loose this privacy as vehicles belonging to construction workers will use rhe park to park their vehicles during the working day. Also once the development is completed residents ofvthe development will use the Willows to park visitors vehicles in residents limited parking spaces.

  4. Debbie Shurety 29th January 2019 at 10:39 am - Reply

    Points that make this an unsuitable development:
    Increased traffic on the road
    Overcrowding use of schools/doctors/hospitals – you cannot keep building houses without the additional facilities required.
    The fact that the land s greenbelt
    The huge fact that the housing is unaffordable – the so called affordable housing is not affordable for the normal person on the street
    I believe that this is being built to pave the way for the rest of HA11 to go ahead against most of the local residents objections.

  5. Kirsty Smith 29th January 2019 at 10:44 am - Reply

    I believe that this development should not go ahead because of various reasons, most of which have already been mentioned above. I believe the area cannot cope with more housing without extra doctors/schools/hospitals etc etc. I am also concerned with the increased population damaging the low work prospects already avialble for the young adults that already live in Windsor.
    The pollution is a big thing for me as I have a son with a lung condition so the added traffic will be detrimental to him.

    Another big factor is the pricing, the prices are not affordable to any youngsters in Windsor trying to get on the property ladder.

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