AGM Minutes: June 2015

Oakley Green, Fifield Residents Association



Held at Fifield Memorial Hall

On the 28th May 2015


Committee Members Present:


Rod Ball ( Chairman )

Martin Hall ( Treasurer )

Pat Morrish

Elizabeth Mead

Paul Jennings

Ann Taylor

Martin Allen


  1. Apologies:


David Coppinger, Mark Lloyd, Nigel Borg-Cardona and Grenville Annetts


30  Residents present in total.


  1. Minutes of meeting 6/6/2014.


These were accepted by the residents.


  1. Election of Officers:


All existing members are standing for re-election. Re-elected by show of hands.

RB said that there is a vacancy for Fifield any if any member  would like to join then to contact him.


  1. Chairmans Report:


RB gave a detailed account of what the association had been involved with over the last year. Copy attached.


  1. Treasurers Report:


MH went through the accounts for last year copy attached.2016 we would look to the membership for donations / membership fees.


  1. Second RWBM Local Plan:


A new local plan is to be produced but currently the distribution of the information has yet again not been delivered to all residents.


We were asked if we could raise our concerns to the council about the distribution of important information.


Only two people in the room had received the new local plan information.


The garden centres will be taken out of the plan as they are Green Belt and safe guarded land, but they could still be used in the future.


  1. Local Green Belt Issues (Water Oakley and Down Place).


A member raised concerns about the extra light pollution which would come from this development.


A member raised concerns over this development due to the fact that there was no consideration to the local area e.g. Social housing and no additional benefits to our area.


A member was concerned about Farmglade building on the “Golden Gap” between Windsor and Maidenhead, and where the Ward boundaries were?


David Short spoke about the development and the communication that had taken place about lighting, gardens shielding etc.


  1. Traveller Sites Update:


No additional information other than what had been said in the Chairman’s report.


  1. Legoland Traffic Routing:


The Chairperson from WWRA ( Helen Price ) gave an update on the traffic regarding Legoland. It was stated that the signage that had been in place had been incorrectly sited therefore making any decision void.


There is a meeting planned for Legoland to talk about junction 8/9.


  1. Heathrow Expansion and Noise:


Paul Jennings gave an update on the committee looking at noise, recently the chairperson had been removed from post and another Chairs was to be elected.

Paul said that the people on the East would be more affected than on the West.

The aircraft routes have reverted to the original routes.


  1. AOB


All concerns had been covered by the Agenda items.


Meeting closed at 21:20