Chairman’s Report: May 2015


The past year has again been a very busy one for the Association. A continuation from the previous few years. The Committee have worked very hard and without this help we would not be able to achieve what we have done. My sincere thanks to them.


As I keep reiterating, we as an Association are totally committed to protecting the Green Belt in this area. However we also have other concerns such as aircraft noise, traffic problems and Travellers’ Sites.


As regards the Royal Borough’s Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation. We had previously sent in a very comprehensive objection to the original plan for possible development of 7 sites in our area alone. Hopefully, as we await the new Consultation Document due next month, those green field sites will be removed. This will mean that the remaining sites will be Windsor Wyevale, Squires Garden Centre, Water Oakley and Down Place ( Previously Bray Film Studios).

The latter two do have Planning Permission ( outline for Water Oakley). These are already developed land within the Green Belt and acceptable under the Government guidelines. The concern of Residents is with the two garden centres. We shall oppose any development of these sites but it is realistic that one may be lost to development. They are both a valuable asset to those residents on this side of Windsor. Once the RBWM Consultation Document is out it will be clearer and we shall arrange meetings for all local residents to air their views. So, watch this space.

The outline Plans for Water Oakley have already been approved. We consulted closely with the Developers and secured a lot of concessions. The primary one being the building line to be in excess of 100m from the road. Having consulted us over Water Oakley,  Farmglade have consulted all local residents again over their plans for Down Place site. The local residents are very much in favour having worked closely with Farmglade to achieve many concessions. We have very recently been able to see the up to date plans and need to consider them carefully. Your general views would be very useful!

We do commend Farmglade for constantly involving local residents and ourselves together with Down Place Residents Association in regular consultation throughout including many site visits.


We have kept a constant eye on the site of the old Queens Head on A308. We have asked for another  update from the Enforcement Officer at RBWM to clarify the situation.


We have also opposed the Application from the travellers site at Brayfield Stables who are appealing against the Borough’s decision not to allow any extension to the Inspector’s Conditions which states that the premises shall cease to be occupied after 4 years ( Feb 2015). We do note though that the Borough have yet to finalise their obligation to provide Travellers Sites.


We also opposed an Application to build a number of houses to the rear of a house on the Oakley Green Road. Planning permission was refused as inappropriate for the area and contrary to the Green Belt Policy.


A recent application has been proposed for the Windsor Squash and gym club to move to a site next to Windsor Marina. We believe the site to be totally inappropriate, in the Green Belt and requiring the loss of a considerable number of trees.


We have also been working closely with the West Windsor Residents Association over the Garden centres and also Heathrow expansion. We have joined forces with them to oppose any Heathrow expansion, believing that the expansion of Gatwick would be preferential. The main concern is that more residents around our area and ourselves would be subject to more aircraft noise. Not to mention 70,000 extra houses in the area requiring more schools, hospitals, increasing the pressure on local roads etc.

One of our Committee Members Paul Jennings has attended meetings of groups to the West of Heathrow. Paul is ex Air Traffic Controller and has been able to explain the ATC problems and give expert advice when necessary.

We recognize that there are counter arguments regarding Heathrow expansion, particularly the commercial aspect.


The Association was also honoured to be involved with, and support, the new War Memorial in the churchyard next to Braywood School. I believe it stands proudly as a Memorial to all those who served our Country.


So, we await the RBWM Consultation and hope that the recommendations will be carried out. We have high hopes that our intervention has had a profound influence on the decisions. I believe our views and experience on local matters are valued by the Councillors.


We will continue to fight to protect this area. Your support is essential. We need to know what your feelings are on all of the above subjects or anything that concerns you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us by email, by phone or even by letter. We need this in order to represent your views as much as we can.


Don’t forget, we are able to influence decision making as has already been proved.




Rod Ball


May 2015