AGM Minutes: June 2014







The Chairman Rod Ball, welcomed the 50 attendees and introduced the current Committee Members to the Meeting.


  1. Apologies, Minutes of the last AGM and Matters Arising

Apologies  –  All Committee Members were present apart from Justin Kent who is working abroad. Some apologies from website.

Minutes of last AGM and Matters Arising – The Chairman noted again that no progress had been made regarding the lychgate leading into the Cemetery next to Braywood School. The Diocese not prepared to support the project. Other items will be covered in the Chairmans Report ( Attached).

The Minutes of the last AGM were approved by the attendees as being a true record.


  1. Election of Officers 2014

All Committee Members were prepared to stand. No other proposals. Beneficial to have  Member  from Fifield Village in future.

Committee duly re elected:


Rod Ball ( Chairman)

Martin Allen ( Deputy Chairman)

MartinHall  ( Treasurer)

Pat Morrish

Elizabeth Mead

Ann Taylor

Paul Jennings

Nigel Borg-Cardona

Mark Lloyd

Justin Kent ( in absentia)


  1. Treasurers Report

 Martin Hall distributed the Accounts for 2013-2014 and reported a balance of £1963.08 as of year ended 30 April 2014.

He also reported that the Committee were considering the question of Subscriptions. They are suspended at the moment. The broader use of the email system has meant some reappraisal of the means of collecting and managing subscriptions.


  1. Chairmans Report

The full report to be on the website. A large thank you to his hard working Committee for their assistance and commitment to the preserving of this area.

There was a marked increase in workload in the past year and this is expected to further increase in 2014/5.

A copy of the full report is attached as it is extensive and covers many items that the Committee have been involved with.

All are Green Belt Issues including presentations to RBWM regarding the Local Plan Preferred Options and the number of proposed sites in Oakley Green. Great concern. The Water Oakley Site and in addition the Down Place Site ( ex Bray Film Studios). Travellers Sites and Legoland Traffic Routing.

There were also meetings attended regarding Heathrow Expansion and Aircraft Noise.


  1. Items further Discussed

 Paul Jennings gave an enlightening explanation of the operational side of Heathrow to help explain the noise problems from the ATC view.

There is to be a new Consultation in the Autumn from RBWM re the proposed sites.

Legoland traffic – Residents reported increase in volume on the re-routing days. These are only trials and we shall see how this is resolved.

Possible new Terminal at Heathrow and its consquences. Most agreed that there would be an increase of noise and were opposed. The other argument was put forward by a Resident that expansion of Heathrow was necessary for future commercial reasons for the UK.


  1. AOB

 Lorry movements on Oakley Green Road and Drift Road.

Park and Ride from Windsor for town and Legoland.

Brayfield Farm Traveller site


Meeting Ended at 9.20 for Refreshments



Rod Ball

May 2015